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NetworksIP Solutions, Inc. has focused its development strategy on Internet computing. We offer a comprehensive set of server software and solutions for developing, deploying and managing Internet applications.

NetworksIP is an Internet design & services firm that combines the best of user-centered design, online brand identity and leading-edge technology development. Through incubation we also position promising start-up entities for venture funding, and we're developing our own emerging services in the e-commerce and networking arenas. Our multimedia tools and software are all available on an ASP basis.

NetworksIP was formed in early 1997 as NETIP, DBA. and became NetworksIP. in January of 2002. The new company’s primary focus has been the design or redesign of Web sites for major corporations and publishers of electronic catalogs. Much of our work has focused on redesign of information architecture and functionality for companies whose future strategies include core use of interactive media for business and mission critical enterprise. Our specialty is building enterprise level applications using ASP development tools.

NetworksIP has also been highly successful in raising our clients’ identity through interactive design on the Web to create greater brand recognition and intelligent, intuitive access to vital information.

Our design philosophy is based on a disciplined “Five Step Process” and will yield consistent results for sites both large and small.

At NetworksIP, we build success by recruiting the best talent for our new enterprises. Rewarding opportunities await those who join us.
For key executives and staff members, we offer:
- Competitive pay and benefits.
- Stock incentives.
- Opportunity to build and run your own company.

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