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Desktop Software
For e-businesses, desktop software can be used as the transaction gateway. Once you receive the credit card number via phone, mail, or email the merchant manually enters the credit card numbers and payment amounts into the computer software, and transmits the list over the Internet to the clearinghouse designated by the bank. In a few moments, the clearinghouse responds with a list of good card and bad cards to allow the merchant to proceed as necessary. This software solution works better than the card swipe machine, but may not work for large volume stores. It also requires re-keying data from each order into your computer, which can lead to user errors and can be time consuming.

Real-Time Web Gateways
There are several payment gateways to the transaction clearinghouse that can authorize and validate credit card payments while the customer is still online. These gateways provide a walkway from your website to a different modem channel to check the credit card status in real-time, a very complicated process if you were to do it on your own from step one. If you wish to use a real time gateway, which is most common with ecommerce shopping card software, make sure it is compatible with the system you are going to use. Our shopping carts are compatible with most major merchant accounts, including Merchant Accounts.

The final piece to setting up a merchant account to accept online payment is the gateway that connects you to the transaction clearinghouse. There are three common gateways:

Credit Card Card Swipe Machines
The machinery next to nearly every checkout register in the country. After the card is swiped, an authorization code displays, and is usually printed on a credit card transaction slip. The authorization comes from the clearinghouse that the store's bank contracts with, and it effectively assures valid payment to the merchant when the customer signs on the dotted line. This method is not needed for pure-play dot-com businesses.

The cost of setting up and maintaining a credit card merchant account depends on who you choose to provide your merchant account services and how many middlemen you go through. If you choose to use the MC shopping cart software, our organization will waive the set-up fee and the application fee for your merchant account.

Review our Merchant Account information you will learn how to bypass the confusion of working with multiple third-party vendors. Our representatives will take care of you regarding all aspect of your application process to hooking up your merchant ID into your online store.



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