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Top 10 Search Results Guarantee


Any Web site that is all Flash, contains frames/layers or adult content is not eligible for the guarantee. Guarantees may be voided for, among other reasons, Web sites that have downtime for one day or more, Web sites that have been altered after they have been optimized by NetworkIP Solutions, Web sites that are cloned, or that do not use 301 for redirects.

If customers do not respond to communications from NetworkIP Solutions for more than 60 days, the optimization project may be considered "abandoned" and payment will be surrendered in full.

For optimization packages ("Top 10 Search Results service"), Network Solutions guarantees a minimum number of top ten listings in one or more of 12 search engines within 10 months from completion date. Most engines will index your site in about three (3) months, but it takes time to gain the popularity and ranking needed to compete using competitive phrases. NetworkIP Solutions will only submit keywords to search engines in the United States. The search engines included are: AOL, AlltheWeb, AltaVista, (formerly known as AskJeeves), Google, Hotbot, IWon, Looksmart, Lycos, MSN, Netscape, and Yahoo!. The minimum number of top ten listings guaranteed is 5 for the 20 keyword phrase package, 10 for the 30 keyword phrase package and 20 for the 50 keyword phrase package. There is no guarantee for the 10 keyword package. The guarantee is a full money back guarantee, subject to these and the other terms and conditions of our Services Agreement, provided at the 10 month mark from date of completion if results are not obtained. In no event will NetworkIP Solutions be liable to you for any lost profits, lost savings, or other incidental or consequential damages arising from the optimizations services provided.

This service(s) does not guarantee any sales or traffic to your Web site. Traffic and sales depend upon the demand for your particular product or service, the design and layout of your Web site, and many other factors that are beyond the control of NetworkIP Solutions.

NetworkIP Solutions services do not include the paid submission fees that some engines charge for inclusion. NetworkIP Solutions is not affiliated with these submission services in any way. You may opt to pay these fees directly to the search engine for inclusion. Additional fees may apply for changes, modifications, updates, and optimization alterations that exceed the scope of these optimization services.

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